F*** NBC – A Brief Addendum

Hannibal - Season 1Hello NBC, MIDWEST MARK here.  You need to understand that a chronic lack of sleep and near-complete neglect of the levels of his perscription meds makes MIDWEST MO a little punchy every now and again.  It is true that you hurt his feelings by cancelling some of his favorite shows, but we are merely a group of dudes here at MWTVG and have the standard male inability of expressing ourselves appropriately.

Letting cooler heads prevail for a moment, go ahead and cancel whatever shows you would like.  We will probably keep watching since you are one of the major outlets of televised entertainment.  We understand you will replace the freshly cancelled sitcoms with brand new sitcoms featuring different actors (and similar storylines) and MIDWEST MO might be able to laugh once more.

All that being said, listen to me carefully.  If you cancel HANNIBAL, I will probably take a chainsaw to my television and never watch anything ever again.  So your network would be single-handedly responsible for every network being absent one more viewer.  Would you really like that burden on your souls?  I didn’t think so.

We will expect a season 2 order for HANNIBAL shortly.  Do I smell an exclusive scoop?  Email me.

Your Friend,