Extreme Cougar Wives

Photo courtesy of TLC.

Photo courtesy of TLC.

Can someone tell me when this cougar phase our country is going through is going to be over?  The way things are going with this, I’m hoping that this phase ends on December 21 and we are all taken out of our collective misery.  Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to exploit a fad for money, TLC has a show called EXTREME COUGAR WIVES.  First, let me just say that the name TLC is extremely funny.  TLC is ostensibly called The Learning Channel.  The only thing they are learning at The Learning Channel is how to make crap TV.  They are teaching Masters courses on that subject.

Now, EXTREME COUGAR WIVES.  This is a show that isn’t just about Cougars.  No.  That would be very boring and played out.  TLC took that concept and kicked it up a notch.  Instead of a regular Cougar, they have given us extreme Cougars.  These are women that are seriously old dating boys that are seriously young.  Are you hooked yet?  Here is a clip from the show:


I hope you hadn’t just eaten dinner before you watched that.  If this show doesn’t bring about the Mayan apocalypse I don’t know what will and if it doesn’t, I think we are all doomed for worse and worse TV to be made in the coming years.

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  1. Here’s the thing. All of the young men in this clip are fairly attractive, which leads me to wonder what came first, the TV show or the relationship?

    • Midwest Mike // November 30, 2012 at 11:15 am //

      I think in most cases the relationships were first. There is one episode where one of the 50 year old women is having to climb out the window of her 19 year old boyfriends house because his parents don’t approve of their relationship.

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