Ex-Men: Angel gets Fired by Professor X

professor x fires angelYou all know I’m a fan of The Pete Holmes Show. I don’t have to hide my feelings any more. I gave you a video from the show from two nights ago where Pete plays Ben Affleck playing Batman in Good Will Hunting. On last night’s Pete Holme’s Show, we got another in the Ex-Men series. If you aren’t familiar, in this series, Professor X is reviewing his staff and firing the most useless of the X-Men. Last night, Professor X fired Angel.


I love this series. There are plenty more useless X-Men that need to be fired so I’d expect there to be several more videos before this series ends. I’d like to see Professor X have to attend sensitivity training or be forced to have an HR representative in the office with him when he fires his employees. We’ll see what they do as this series progresses.

Like I have said before, The Pete Holmes Show airs on TBS weeknights right after Conan. If you don’t want to stay up to watch it, DVR it. He does very funny skits every night and I love his interview style. It’s a lot like how Chris Farley used to interview people on SNL.