eHarmony Granddaughter Commercial

eharmony granddaughterOne of the drawbacks of watching live sports on TV is that you can’t fast forward through commercials. Sometimes this results in the double whammy of having to watch your favorite team, like the Bears, get completely destroyed while not being able to skip over commercials. Losing the ability to skip commercials sometimes exposes you to some awful things like the eHarmony granddaughter commercial. Have you seen it? You probably have but if not, here it is for you:


Awful right? This commercial highlights a problem I’ve had with casting directors for a long time. If you are a casting director and happen to be reading our very informative and entertaining website, please allow me to give you a piece of free advice. KIDS WITH SPEECH IMPEDIMENTS ARE NOT CUTE!!!!!! It wasn’t cute for Cindy Brady and it’s not cute now. For the love of all that is holy. Can we not put these kids on TV? What did the casting call look like for this role? ATTN: seeking child between the ages of 6 and 10 to film a commercial for an internet dating site. Yes you read that right. We are seeking a child to help us advertise internet dating. The less you dig in to this the better. Besides, you are a parent of a child actor. You know you want them to get famous so you can go all Chris Warren on the kid’s money right? Don’t worry, we aren’t judging. Just bring your kid in if they meet the following requirements. Prior experience acting is a plus but not necessary. This one is important. Must have untreated speech impediment. Ability to mimic a speech impediment will not be considered. Must be an actual, documented, untreated impediment. If you or your child meets these requirements, please attend our casting call.

I also have a question for Mr. Neil Clark Warren. Why would you use your granddaughter to shill for your site? While I’m sure that’s an actress from central casting and not your real granddaughter, still, why a young girl with a speech impediment? Her line about your site having all the hot girls is down right creepy. ¬†Why does she know about your site at all? What is she doing on the internet? If I were you, I’d be monitoring her time on line a bit more closely. I’m just saying. Because if there are two things that everyone closely associates with each other it’s small children and internet dating sites. Brilliant Neil.

So what do you all think? Is the eHarmony granddaughter commercial as annoying and creepy to you as it is to me? Be sure to let me know.