Drunk History Returns June 24

drunk history returns june 24

drunk history returns june 24Fantastic news for people who are fans of things that are hysterically funny. Drunk History returns June 24 on Comedy Central!

Drunk History premiered last Summer and had an 8-episode first season. The second season will be premiering on June 24 and will be 10-episodes long according to the show’s star and co-creator Derek Waters.

I absolutely love this show. If you haven’t seen it, Drunk History is based on the Funny or Die web series of the same name where comedians come and tell stories about history. The thing is, when they tell these stories, they are drunk off their asses and they are not great historians so the stories tend to get a little crazy. ¬†As the comedian is telling the story, as they seem to remember it, famous comedians and actors act out the story exactly as it’s being told.

This show is seriously funny and has had some of the biggest stars of comedy as guest stars on the show. I told you all about Key & Peele long before they became popular so at this point, when I tell you about a funny show, you should pretty much just go and watch it.

If you haven’t heard of this show, here are some funny clips (some are from Funny or Die but it’s the same thing so don’t get all flippy on me).

Drunk History Returns June 24


Comedy Central has put a lot of crap on their airwaves in the last few years (Kroll Show, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time), but Drunk History isn’t one of them. I’m glad they made the correct decision to bring it back for a second season. Increasing the order to 10-episodes shows even more faith from the network. They made the right decision with this show. Now if we can only get them to cancel the Kroll Show, we’d be in business.

Drunk History premieres on Comedy Central June 24 at 9:00.