Don’t Trust the B—- Likely to be Cancelled

Photo courtesy of ABC.

Photo courtesy of ABC.

It’s been a light news day here at MWTVG which I blame on the early Bears game and the fact that this is my last day of vacation and I have to go back to my paying job tomorrow.  Not wanting to leave our dear readers with nothing new to read today, I went looking for some news.  What I found is that a show that I am a fan of, DON’T TRUST THE B—- IN APT 23, is likely to be cancelled.

My question to you America is, why?  Why are you not watching this show?  I just don’t get it.  What is it that you want from a comedy?  Let’s remove CBS from the equation because they have huge built in ratings from the old people who can’t figure out how to change the channel and they are stuck on Channel 2 and let’s talk about what it is that you watch.

The only non-CBS comedy in the top ten is MODERN FAMILY.  There are just TWO other non-CBS comedies in the top twenty five and that is ABC’s MODERN FAMILY at twenty one and FOX’S FAMILY GUY all the way down at twenty three.

So if you aren’t watching a comedy on CBS, you are just not watching a comedy.  So I ask again, what is it?  What makes TWO AND A HALF MEN so funny that you just can’t change the channel?  What is it about 2 BROKE GIRLS that makes you stop everything else you are doing?

DON’T TRUST THE B— IN APT 23 is a funny show.  I’ve posted about it before and have suggested it as a show that you should give a shot.  So does it suffer from COUGAR TOWN syndrome?  Is the name so bad that you just don’t want to watch it?  I can understand that.  You have to make a decision about what to watch and unless you know something about the show, you probably judge it on the title.  Fine.  Now you know better though.  I’m sure it won’t do anything to save the show because you all have made your decisions and ABC has likely already decided as well, and that is sad.  We are going to lose another good comedy from a non-CBS network which makes every suit in the TV world think that CBS has it right and they will continue to try to copy them.

What I suggest from the other networks on what to do about CBS, put out a PSA where you teach people how to use their remote to change the channel.  I’m convinced that people are not watching CBS willingly but just don’t know what else to do.

So tell me America (our readers can speak for all of America), what is it that you watch that you think is funny and more importantly, why?