Under The Dome Season 2 Finale

I know I’m a day late on this post, but remember the Bears played on Monday Night Football so I’m a day behind on my TV watching.  Monday featured the Under The Dome Season 2 Finale.  Is anybody else watching this awful show?  No, just me.

There’s something about CBS where they get you a little hooked into a show such that you want/need to see how it ends but they never for the love of all that is holy end the show.  Yeah, I’m looking right at you How I Met Your Mother.

David Sims over at The Wire wrote a pretty accurate and funny finale summary where he managed to point out some of the biggest plot line holes.  Just to get some of you up to speed, there’s a dome that has trapped the city.  In season 1 we didn’t really learn all that much about why or how the dome was there but a lot of townsfolk died.

For the first 12 episodes of this season we also didn’t learn all that much.  It seems that Barbie’s dad knows more than he’s telling us.  Maybe the government is behind it.  However, the show is big on never answering a question but asking five more instead.

Last night’s finale had the dome mad at somebody and so it began contracting threatening to smush the townsfolk.  Mysteriously a whole opens up revealing an underground tunnel that might be the way out.  Do they get out?  Who knows, the show ends with some bright light and a girl (who’s been dead 30 years but came back to life only to die again) saying they were going home.  What does that freaking mean?

We are 24 episodes in and still have no answers.  Even worse, executive producer Neal Baer revealed in an interview that they know how the show ends and that it will take 5 seasons to adequately tell the story.  Are you f***ing with me?  Seriously, you have to be f***ing with me.

The only good news is that I finally get a break from this show till at least next July if it even comes back.  Hopefully by then I’ll have forgotten how bad this show is.