Does Wendy’s Hate Us? Yes they do.

Does Wendy's hate us

I’ve written before about how much I hate that Wendy’s has replaced the actual Wendy Thomas with a hotter version of Wendy (and I’m not alone). Wendy’s for a time was running commercials with Wendy Thomas, you know, the woman after the whole entire company is named, but decided that she didn’t have the right look for TV. ┬áHere is Wendy Thomas.

Does Wendy's hate us

Nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can see. Just an average woman doing a TV commercial. She’s not Hollywood hot but neither are 99% of us. Her dad wasn’t any kind of Hollywood celebrity either yet somehow Wendy’s didn’t have any trouble putting him on TV in their commercials. That picture is actual Wendy. Wendy’s the company wasn’t thrilled about having her be the face of the company so what did they do? They got this chick instead.

Does Wendy's hate usHmm. What do you notice? Well she’s a red head for sure right? Of course she is. She couldn’t be Wendy without the red hair. That’s what Wendy is. We’ve seen the girl on the logo for decades now. We know Wendy has red hair. So Wendy’s got that right. What else? Wait. I see it now. She’s young and hot. Well of course. Poor Wendy Thomas. She may be the actual honest to go Wendy herself, but she’s just not hot enough to actually play Wendy. We need some young thing to play Wendy because when I’m in line buying fast food there is nothing that I am thinking of more than a young and hot Wendy am I right?

Ok great. So they make this change. People aren’t thrilled but does Wendy’s care? Hell no. They double down. They start making more commercials with young and hot Wendy. Are you angry? Wendy’s asks. Great. Suck it. Here’s another commercial for you with hot Wendy. We know she sucks but we don’t care. You are going to live with it.

I’ve written how much I actually hate these commercials and have even ranked the Wendy’s commercials amongst TV’s most annoying commercials. The hot Wendy doesn’t make me want to buy a burger. She makes me want to buy sleeping pills so I can off myself.

I was starting to wonder if Wendy’s just didn’t get it really. Maybe they feel like they have created an iconic character that people are connecting with that can take Wendy’s to the next level just above Carl’s Jr. but right below Sonic and no where near Burger King or McDonald’s. You know that solid territory of being on that list of places people think of going to when they haven’t been there in a long time and they are tired of their normal places. Right there. Wendy’s might be thinking they occupy that territory. Then I saw this commercial recently and I knew it was much more sinister than that.

Does Wendy’s Hate Us?

Are you serious with this commercial Wendy’s? After seeing this commercial, I know that they aren’t trying to gain market share or increase customer counts. They don’t care about any of that. Wendy’s is just straight fuc**ng with us at this point. They are making these commercials because they hate us. That is the only plausible explanation that exists. They know that when this commercial comes on, you will try to find your remote to quickly fast forward or to change the channel but if you are like me and other big fans of fast food, you will likely be too lazy to get up to get to the remote so you will be forced to watch. They want to torture us with this commercial. I can hear the Wendy’s big wigs right now laughing in their offices knowing what they are doing to the people. When you think about it, it’s truly evil.

The last laugh will be on Wendy’s though. The more they play this commercial, the more I feel like Alex in A Clockwork Orange being given negative association punishment. Whenever I see this commercial or hear this song, I will think of Wendy’s and immediately get violently ill. Wendy’s may actually hate us, but they could just save us in the long run by forcing me to stop eating fast food. Just kidding. Have you seen that dollar menu at McDonald’s? Seriously. If they aren’t trying to kill me, I don’t know who is.