Django Unchained Edges Out Les Mis!

djangotrailer3The TV’s still off due to lack of interesting programming, but that does not stop this Midwest TV Guy from heading out to the theater to catch the latest and greatest that Hollywood has to offer.

Sorry to break the news to MIDWEST MIKE/MO… but after a strong initial lead, your beloved LES MIS slipped to number three behind THE HOBBIT and DJANGO UNCHAINED.  I can only imagine that both Midwest Mike and Midwest Mo were lined up together for the first midnight showing of LES MIS dressed in period garb and taking turns with their renditions of “On My Own”.

From what I hear LES MIS was actually a pretty good show, but from what I saw personally, DJANGO UNCHAINED was fantastic.  Fans of QUENTIN TARANTINO will love it for sure as will fans of spaghetti westerns and action flicks.  It clocks in a bit on the long side having almost a three hour runtime, but it’s three hours of constant awesome.

Bear in  mind that it is incredibly racially vulgar (as it is catching some flack for being so) and has the standard Tarantino-esque uber-violence with a couple of genuinely uncomfortable moments of slave-torture.  But it is extremely funny, well written and expertly acted.  Performances were outstanding all around with JAMIE FOXX, LEONARDO DICAPRIO, SAMUEL L JACKSON and CHRISTOPH WALTZ all delivering commanding performances.

All I need to say to those who are criticizing the movie for its sometimes overly flagrant use of its racial vulgarity is that they probably have not actually seen it, as it has been nominated for four NAACP image awards including “Best Picture” and is clearly meant to be a satirical-revenge flick.

I would rate DJANGO UNCHAINED 5/5 and would put it right up with Tarantino’s best work.  After INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and now with DJANGO, I am even more excited to see what he tackles next.