Discover It Card Commercial

discover cardI’ve talked about Discover and some of the commercials they run over a year ago. Remember the most racist commercial on TV? It’s a Midwest TV Guys classic from back when we were brand new. We are back with another commercial from Discover. This one isn’t racist but I do have an issue with it.Have you seen the new commercial for the Discover It Card? The one with the twin sisters? If you haven’t, here it is. Take some notes and see if you can’t figure out what my issue is with this commercial:


Let’s get the first obvious plot hole out of the way. I’m sure you would know that your twin sister works at Discover and what she does there. You would also have to know that if you call the customer service line, there is a chance you might get her on the phone. Knowing that, you don’t recognize a voice that sounds somewhat similar to this woman you have spent your entire life with? Am I two believe these two sisters, two women mind you, have not ever spoken on the phone before and do not recognize how they sound on the phone? I’m already not buying this commercial Discover. That is not my main issue with this commercial though. Oh no. I’m far more OCD and anal than that.

Did you pick up on the problem? Ok let’s suspend reality for a moment and live in the world where Discover thinks that twin sisters won’t recognize each other on the phone. What about the truth though? The truth is that the sister who called Discover would not ever be able to get to a live representative without having to enter her name and address, credit card account number, social security number, voters registration number, mother’s maiden name and city of birth, the formula to calculate the area of a circle and just for good measure, her credit card account number. She would have to give all of this information first to a computer and then would have to repeat every last bit of it when she cracks the super secret code that finally allows her to get a live person on the phone with her.

Seriously Discover. Do you really expect me to believe that this person calls in with a question and gets right to a live person without you knowing everything about this person including how regular they are in the bathroom? I can forgive the other plot holes in your commercial but come on. If you really want to sell me on the It card, you have got to do a better job than this. First you run racist commercials and now this? Come on Discover Card. You have got to up your game.