Did Anybody Know Royal Pains Was On Last Night?

I know that I will take some grief from the other 2 writers who love shows like WALKING DEAD and SONS OF ANARCHY.

I don’t care, I love me some ROYAL PAINS.  Problem is, it’s a Summer show and even though it is yet to snow here in Chicago, the calendar says it’s winter.

As there wasn’t much new on last night, I was flipping through the guide and just happened to see that there was a new episode on last night.  A few weeks ago, MIDWEST MARK wrote an article detailing things that shows do that annoy the fans.  Well I want to add airing a random episode during the off season to the list.Seems like a few years ago it started where the lesser networks (TNT, USA, TBS, FX, etc.) got smart.  Instead of directly competing with the major networks, they started airing new shows over the summer.  So all of a sudden in the middle of the Summer we had good shows like BURN NOTICE, THE CLOSER, PSYCH, and SUITS to watch.

It was great.  But like anything great, the executives got involved and thought, “Hey, let’s start airing our shows during the fall and spring.”  That decision is what has lead us to where we are today where we have no idea when a show is going to air.

Further, there is a reason your shows performed well in the Summer – there was no competition.  I’m not here to say that ROYAL PAINS is a good show.  No, PERSON OF INTEREST is a good show.  What makes ROYAL PAINS good is that it is light hearted TV that airs during a time when we are all busy running our kids all over creation.

Some housekeeping prior to ending this post.  If you want a synopsis of the show, TV Guide wrote a good preview article here.  If you missed it, the good news is that these networks generally rerun their shows ad nauseum so make sure to catch it.  ROYAL PAINS airs on USA Network.

In the meantime, here’s a promo clip that will give you no idea of what the show is about.