Dewars Highlander Honey

dewars highlander honeyRemember when Dewars was running those Angus commercials starring Claire Forlani?  You might have forgotten because the last time they released a new commercial was back in December of last year.  Well Dewars has finally released a new Angus commercial for Dewars Highlander Honey.


Dewars is making a big mistake here.  They had some good momentum going with their commercial series focused on the mysterious Angus and whatever he did to make Claire Forlani mad at him.  Waiting nearly 5 months in between commercials is not a way to keep momentum going.  I had pretty much forgotten about this commercial series and I do just about nothing but watch TV.  I can’t imagine how quickly people who actually have lives had forgotten these commercials.

This new commercial doesn’t even really deal with Angus in any way.  In fact, people are mad at how bad Forlani’s Scottish accent is in the commercial (I call those people idiots because it’s plenty good enough for me).  Dewars said they were telling a story with their commercials and that we were to keep tuned in to find out what would happen.  The Dewars Highlander Honey commercial has Claire Forlani apparently enjoying getting stung by a bee.  I guess this is somehow Angus’ fault too.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that Dewars better come out with another Angus commercial soon that moves the story along or they can kiss this ad campaign goodbye.  They have a good thing going but it’s hanging by a thread.  What will Dewars do?  Hmm Angus?

Here is the newest commercial for Dewars Highlander Honey: