Deadbeat Is A Hulu Original

As you know, the writers here at MWTVG all have day jobs and as such don’t always know exactly what’s going on in TV land.  Plus, there’s literally 9,000 different outlets that are all creating original content (I may have used literally wrong).

All I’m saying is that it’s hard to keep up with new shows.

Add to it that we’ve reached the point of the season where most of the shows have wrapped for the year.  The networks are doing salutes to the troops and Maya Rudolph variety shows.  Hell there’s a bunch of women in London who think they are on a dating show designed to have them marry Prince Harry.

It’s freaking bleak out there for a TV junkie (I could quit if I wanted to).

Against that backdrop, I turned to Hulu for something, anything to watch.  What I found was a show called Deadbeat.  It’s a Hulu original show that premiered April 9th. So, yes I’m about 6 weeks late to the party.  It’s not like you cared, you were all watching Game of Thrones anyway.

It’s a comedy about a slacker medium can see ghosts and helps them resolve issues so that they can move into the light.  He does this with the aid of his drug dealer best friend.

This is not necessarily a new concept.  One of my favorite guilty pleasure shows was a show called Reaper.  Interestingly enough, the lead character on Deadbeat was also in that show.  Only there he played a slacker druggie deadbeat who couldn’t see ghosts, so this new role is completely different.

missyperegrym2Plus, Reaper had the ridiculously hot in a girl next door kind of way Missy Peregrym.  I can’t imagine Deadbeat would try to simply follow that formula.  No way, I’m sure they want to maintain their artistic creativity and not just cast eye candy.


jenniferlovehewitt987I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the other show where the character could see ghosts.  It really seems that ghosts have a type.  I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but I’ll keep looking at pics of her to see if I can figure it out.


catdeeley987 Of course Deadbeat has to have a hot chick.  Enter Cat Deeley who plays a well known medium that is a complete fraud on the show.  So far they’ve kept her pretty well clothed on the show, but you never know.

I blew through the first season of 10 episodes in a day, so this didn’t really solve my problem of finding new shows to watch.  IMBD gives the show an 8 of 10 which is really quite high.

According to Wikipedia the show has been picked up for a second season although there is no word as to when that would air.  Rest assured though I’ll stay on top of it and get you that news no later than 3-4 months late, I promise.

Deadbeat Is A Hulu Original