David Silver’s Triumphant Return to TV

Brian Austin Green (BEVERLY HILLS 90210) is returning to TV with a new show on TBS that will be premiering on November 10.  WEDDING BAND will follow 4 guys who perform in a, wait for it, wedding band, who are lost and seemingly unwilling to grow up.  The show stars Austin Green as one of the band members along with Harold Perrineau (OZ) who has been having an outstanding season as Damon Pope on this season of SONS OF ANARCHY.  The female lead on the show is Melora Hardin (THE OFFICE) who will play the band’s manager because I’m sure the band is just so busy with bookings that they need someone to keep track of it all and to keep those silly boys on task.

The show is being given a Saturday night time slot which pretty much means that TBS doesn’t care about this show.  There other signals that tell us that TBS doesn’t care about this show as well as the time slot.  First, they ordered the show from pilot over 18 months ago and have yet to air a single episode.  That’s not a good sign.  Second, they have allowed Brian Austin Green to be the star.  And third, Tyler Perry doesn’t have anything to do with this show which is a rarity for any show on TBS.  Don’t be surprised if this show dies a quick death.  It’s an hour long comedy in a terrible time slot.

Here is the trailer for the show which doesn’t help their case: