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communityI don’t understand how NBC thinks.  None of us here at MWTVG do.  Despite Midwest Mark’s joy at NBC renewing Hannibal, we mostly feel here at MWTVG that NBC is run by a bunch of morons.  Case in point, NBC’s handling of the show Community.  They have done absolutely everything they can to kill this show but now they seem to want to save it and creator Dan Harmon has just confirmed that he is returning to the show.  I don’t get it NBC.  You have done everything you can to kill this show and now this?  What gives?  Here is what they have done to try to kill Community:

Here is what the brain-trust at NBC has done with Community over the last couple of seasons:

  1. They fired show creator and show runner Dan Harmon.
  2. They fired the head writer.
  3. The fired several original members of the writing staff.
  4. They left Community off the fall schedule.
  5. They decided not to bring Community back as a mid-season replacement choosing instead to air the “comedy” Whitney in it’s place.

I know there are hardcore fans out there who still love the show (there is an entire sub-reddit dedicated to Community and as far as they are concerned, the show has been great and everything is great and there is nothing to look at regarding Community so go ahead and just keep on moving) but judging from the ratings, the show has been in decline for a couple of years now.  The brilliance of NBC has not helped.

So now you are going to bring back Harmon?  I know Community fans are excited but should they be?  Will Dan Harmon be able to recapture the essence of the show that made it one of the smartest comedies on TV?  I’m not so sure.

Here are the problems as I see it:

  1. What will happen with Joel McHale’s character Jeff Winger?  Is he going to be a teacher?  Will he be auditing classes?  Shouldn’t he have to actually get a bachelor’s degree and then a law degree again before he is allowed to practice law or was his Associate degree enough?
  2. What is the arc for the characters on the show?  I don’t know what growth there can be with these characters given the amount of time that has already been spent with them.
  3. Will the entire show continue to focus on Abed’s fantasies?  It was cute at first and even funny from time to time.  Now though?  It’s all Abed all the time.  The writers have fallen in to the trap of going back to the one thing that has been funny and they are now running it in to the ground.
  4. Is there going to be a plot developed at some point?  Will there be something that the show is hoping that the characters accomplish or will we again just continue to be subjected to continuous bad movie and TV show references played out in Abed’s mind?
  5. What will the writers do with Britta?  She’s easily one of the most annoying characters on TV.  I’ve called her the human Lisa Simpson and she is.  Britta is always there to complain and criticize while accomplishing no growth of her own and showing no capacity to learn about anyone or anything other than today’s cause.
  6. The Chang character has run it’s arc but Ken Jeong is so popular and hot right now that there is apparently no way that the writers of Community will get rid of him.  So what are we left with?  Will Dan Harmon now that he is back continue to insult the fans with Chang’s continued involvement with the show?

I’ll be curious to see what Dan Harmon does now that he is returning to Community.  I’m interested that NBC seems to be working on saving this show so I’m hopeful that they will be giving him the leeway to do what he thinks is right for the show.  I don’t know at this point though if even he can save it.  I think we might be too far gone.  We will see.

What do you think?  Will Dan Harmon’s return to Community turn the show around and save it?  Let us know in our Community poll below.

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1 Comment on Dan Harmon Returns to Community

  1. The Obsessive Viewer // June 2, 2013 at 2:19 am //

    This surprises me. I had Harmon pegged as a guy who would burn bridges and never return. I assumed he’d see the tattered ruins his show is in now and give NBC the middle finger. After the last season, this can only be a good thing. It’ll be interesting to see how/if the show recovers. Hopefully season 4 didn’t do too much irreparable damage.

    I agree about Chang too. Did they even resolve the ridiculous Changnesia storyline? I genuinely can’t remember. Which means that in either case, it’s bad news. I like Ken Jeong a lot. They should have just kept him as a teacher.

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