Dallas Renewed for 3rd Season

dallasTNT has announced that Dallas has been renewed for a 3rd season and this is fantastic news.  Dallas is one of my favorite dramas on TV right now.  I was a fan of the original and I tuned in to the first season with my guard fully raised thinking that it would be a disaster and I was pleasantly surprised.

Dallas brings back iconic stars from the original, Bobby Ewing and J.R. Ewing (before the death of TV legend Larry Hagman) as well as several others from the original series that give the older fans a connection to the show they first loved.  The rebooted Dallas adds a new generation of Ewings to fight over women and oil and the new generation is just as bad as the originals.

Breakout star of the new cast is Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives), who plays Jon Ross Ewing III.  As J.R.’s son he has quite a reputation of evil to live up to an Henderson’s performance in that vein has been incredible.  Jesse Metcalf (Desperate Housewives) plays Jon Ross’ rival Christopher Ewing and as the son of Bobby Ewing, Christopher continues the fight between Bobby and J.R. in to the next generation.

If you are looking for a drama to fill time, you can do much worse than Dallas.  If you haven’t watched the first 2 seasons, you can catch up on TNT.com where they are streaming full episodes of Dallas to help you catch up.  You’ve got plenty of time since the 3rd season won’t be returning until 2014.