Daily Hottie – Women of Parks and Rec

It’s Television Tuesday at the Daily Hottie and I’m going to mix it up a bit today and go with the women of Parks and Rec in honor of tonight being the season and series finale of what I think was a great show.

If you don’t watch the show shame on you, you missed a good one.  Especially this season, they’ve nailed it each and every episode.  It’s amazing that NBC even let the show get this far basically cancelling it every year only to bring it back when they realized they were NBC and had already cancelled everything else and could air 15 hours of The Voice every week.

On to the links and pics…

Amy Poehler

amy-poehler123Sure there’s hotter women out there but she made this show go.  She seems like a nice enough person, although I’d be afraid to have lunch with her and Tina Fey at the same time.  I watched the Emmys, she can be brutal.

US Magazine – interview where she talks about her favorite porn

YouTube – pic montage

Nudography – has she done nudity


Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza123She’s weird but was there start to finish on the show.  I wasn’t always a fan, but she is hot.

Radass – bunch of pics

PBH – bunch of gifs

Nudography – has she done nudity



Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones123Unlike the first two women, Rashida left the show before the end to pursue other hot women activities.

Ranker – pics

Heavy – more pics

Nudography – has she done nudity




Megan Mullally

megan-mullaly-123Again, there may be hotter women out there, none are as big a combination of funny and sexy as Megan.  I can’t believe she’s married to Ron Swanson in real life.

Fanpix – bunch of pics

Metacafe – video of her kissing Debra Messing

Nudography – has she done nudity




Natalie Morales

Natalie_Morales_123I know, I know she’s relatively new to the show.  She’s now engaged to Tom Haverford on the show and she’s cute and funny earning her a spot here.

Maxim – photoshoot

Madatory – more pics

Nudography – has she done nudity




Alison Becker

Alison Becker123I’m not going to lie, this has been one of my favorite Daily Hotties to write because as I go through it I’m finding a bunch of women that are hot in the non-traditional sense.  Alison Becker has been on a ton of shows and deserves a spot here.

Fan Pix – bunch of pics

AllisonBecker.com – her own website

Nudography – has she done nudity


Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn123I have to put a local Chicago girl on the list.  She’s more than just looks as she has a Northwestern Undergrad and Yale post grad degree.

Esquire – pics and interview

Daily Motion – funny sex scene with John Riley

Nudography – has she done nudity



Jama Williamson

Jama Williamson123She played Tom Haverford’s green card wife for a time on the show.  She’s been in a bunch of other shows and easily made the cut here.  Plus she might have been the only one on the show actually from Indiana.

Pop Tower – couple pics

Pix Good – best other site I could find

Nudography – has she done nudity



Retta123So as not to piss off Kayne West, I’d be remiss if I left Donna off the list.  Sure I may not find her hot, but she is damn funny on the show.

IMDB – link to her page





So that’s the Women of Parks and Rec.  We lose another funny sitcom today.  Thanks so much for the 7 years we did have.