Daily Hottie – Rachael Taylor

It’s Tuesday at the Daily Hottie and we’ve got a hot one in Rachael Taylor.  So let’s see what there is to know about this hottie.

She’s originally from Australia, Tasmania to be specific.  It’s a pretty well known fact that every woman from Australia with the first name Rachael is hot.  Don’t know if it’s a law or just a guideline, but they are pretty strict about it down under.

Rachael began her career as a model.  Again, I think all Rachael’s from Australia are signed to some type of modeling contract at birth.  Kind of like some countries make you join the military, Australia requires all Rachel’s to model.

Professionally, she has appeared in many big movies and TV shows including Transformers, Grey’s Anatomy, and 666 Park Avenue.  She was nominated for a “Logie” for some show in Australia, but everyone knows that the Australian TV awards shows are rigged.  Maybe, what do I know, it’s freaking Australia.

Anyway, I couldn’t find any information on whether or not she’s single.  No word on if she’s into over weight married guys from the Midwest, but fingers crossed.

On to the links and pics…

1.  Ranker – 20 pics

2.  Heavy – more pics

3.  Nudography – has she done nudity?


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