Daily Hottie – Portia Doubleday

It’s Film Friday over here at the Daily Hottie and we’ve got a good one in Portia Doubleday.  Who’s that you ask?  Well let’s take a look and find out a little more about her.

To start, earning her a place here at Film Friday is her work on such movies as Youth In Revolt, Legend of the Mummy, and Carrie.  She’s also been on some TV shows, like one that I kind of liked but of course was cancelled Mr. Sunshine (they went too dark with it which is why I think it was cancelled).

She’s originally from Los Angeles and grew up in the family business.  Wikipedia list both her parents as “professional” actors.   I guess what Wikipedia is saying is that we are all actors, just some of us get paid for it.

Her sister is also an actress and kind of a stone cold fox in her own right.  Don’t believe me, click this link here to see some pics of her slightly older sister.

Her background says she attended the LA Center for Enriched Studies (a magnet school) but makes no mention whether she graduated.  Also, there’s no reference to her dating anyone so she might be single?

On to the links and pics…

1.  Mandatory – good pics

2.  Esquire – more pics

3.  Nudography – has she done nudity

Portia Doubleday3 Portia Doubleday4 Portia Doubleday5 Portia Doubleday6 Portia Doubleday1 Portia Doubleday2