Daily Hottie – Norah Jones

It’s Music Monday at the Daily Hottie and we’ve got the sultry Norah Jones.  So let’s she what she’s all about.

It feels like Norah has been around forever, but in fact she’s currently only 36 years old.  She’s originally from Brooklyn, NY but moved to Texas at the age of 7 when her parents separated.  She is the daughter of Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, who I think I may actually heard of before writing this post.  Her mother was an American and a concert producer.

Early on, Norah was involved in music singing and performing in the local church choir.   During high school, she twice won the award for best jazz vocalist and best original competition.  I was threw up in a parking lot at an Aerosmith concert so both Norah and I were pretty busy in high school.

She attended the University of North Texas and majored in jazz piano.  It was there that she met Jesse Harris with whom she later collaborated on several of her biggest hits.

Personally it appears she’s never been married although she gave birth to her first child in 2014.  In 2012 after not seeing her father since her parents separated, Norah flew to India to reconcile with him prior to his passing.

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