Daily Hottie – Melissa Fumero

It’s Television Thursday at the Daily Hottie and between you and I it was a struggle picking Melissa Fumero.  Not because she’s not hot, but there are 3 hot chicks on the hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine and picking just one seemed wrong.  However, judging and grading gorgeous women is what we do over here and hopefully the other 2 hotties will feel bad enough about themselves to maybe call me.  What’s up Chelsea Peretti, you have my number.

So what’s the dealio with Melissa you ask as if you haven’t skipped to the links and pics already you freaking pervs.  Well, I’ll tell you.  She’s 32 and originally hales from New Jersey.  Her parents moved to the US when they were teenagers from Cuba.

She has a degree from New York University and is an avid dancer and loves to read.  What she doesn’t like walks on the beach sipping Pina Coladas?  She’s been on shows like One Life To Live and Gossip Girl before Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Personally she’s married to her former One Life to Live co-star David Fumero.  Before you ever think about hitting on her, he’s a former Marine.

It truly saddens me when I write these and find a normal well raised actress.  I do this to read about their crippling pill addictions or severe mental disorders not about college graduate happily married readers.

On to the links and pics…

1.  Tumblr – collection of pics
2.  Celebrity Facts – did you know she is 5’9″
3.  Nudograpy – has she done nudity?

Melissa_Fumero3 Melissa_Fumero4 Melissa_Fumero5 Melissa_Fumero6 Melissa_Fumero7