Daily Hottie – Jadyn Douglas

jaydn douglas

Judging from the ratings, you are probably not watching Eva Longoria’s new show, Telenovela. I haven’t watched it either despite being interested. The power of my hatred of Eva Longoria was enough to keep me away even if I thought the show itself might be good. I don’t want to be responsible for possibly contributing to anything that keeps Eva Longoria rich and on TV any longer than she already has been.

It almost makes me feel bad for today’s daily hottie. She’s one of the cast of the show and she is definitely in the hot category. She hasn’t been around for that long and Telenovela is her big break. Even though it doesn’t seem like that show is going to be around for long, Jadyn Douglas has had some big time exposure now and I’m sure there will be more work heading her way.

You can check out here IMDb page here and for those of you who like to fall down a Wikipedia hole, you can see where she came from and learn more about her. You’ll find out something that is true of just about everyone in Hollywood. They may be good looking and all that, but they are talented too. Jadyn got her start in the music business. Not acting.  The people you see on TV don’t just come from no where. They are all usually pretty talented in lots of fields. It’s not an accident that they are in the business.

Here is today’s daily hottie – Jadyn Douglas.

Daily Hottie – Jadyn Douglas

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That’s today’s daily hottie – Jadyn Douglas. Her current show is probably going to fail, but I am pretty sure we will be seeing much more of her in the future.  She really needs to get on the ball and get some lingerie and/or swimsuit photos done.