Daily Hottie – Fiona Apple

It’s Music Monday over at the Daily Hottie and we’ve got 90’s hottie Fiona Apple.  So let’s see what she’s all about.

Let’s just say it hasn’t always been the easiest of goes for Fiona.  She does have the kind of background that I’m used to seeing when I write about talented artists.  Her parent’s divorced when she was 4, at age 12 she was raped, which of course led to an eating disorder.

So she has the tortured artist covered.  How about talent?  Her grandfather was a big band performer and her grandmother was a dancer.  Her mother was a singer and her father an actor.  Her sister is described as an American cabaret singer.  I had to look that up to see if that was code for “topless” and it was not.  So she has show business in her blood.

Personally, she’s been married once briefly to a French photographer for “complicated reasons” whatever the hell that means.  She’s also been linked romantically to magician David Blaine so eww.

Enough for now, on to the links and pics…

1.  Fan Pix – collection of pics

2.  Fiona Apple – pics from her fan site

3.  Nudography – has she done nudity?

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