Daily Hottie – Bridget Regan

It’s been about a year since we posted a daily hottie so it seems a bit fallacious to call the segment “Daily Hottie” but here we are.  Today’s hottie is Bridget Regan from The Last Ship which just ended its third season.  I watch the show and sometimes it’s good and sometimes not, but as it’s a Summer show, I give it a lot of latitude.

There’s not that much about her that’s exciting or salacious (other than she’s hot).  She’s originally from San Diego and went to college and graduated from the University of North Carolina.  She’s currently 35 and has resume that begins in 2006 so it would seem she wasn’t a struggling artist for that long after college.  She’s currently on her first marriage and they have one child together.

As I need 200 words to post this article, I guess I can tell you she’s a big fan of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.  There’s really not that much more out there about her so on to the links and pics…

1.  Mandatory – a bunch of good pics and other info

2.  Daily Motion – a collection of hot clips from her various movies

3.  Nudography – has she done any nudity in her movies


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