Daily Hottie – Amanda Pflugrad

amanda pflugrad

Today’s daily hottie takes us to the world of sports. When I’m looking for a daily hottie that has something to do with TV, I usually do two types of searches. First, hottest TV weathergirls. Second, hottest sports reporters.  If you search either of those categories, you will find more than enough material to fill the daily hottie for a couple of years.

I did that search today and came up with Boston Celtics reporter Amanda Pflugrad. She’s probably more known to people as being a former Oregon football cheerleader who was made famous a few years ago when she was featured in Sports Illustrated. The university apparently threatened her over pictures she had of herself online. None of them were all that bad. A college kid drinking at parties. Shocking. Amanda has worked for the New York Jets, the SEC and PAC-12 Networks and she can currently be seen as a reporter for the Boston Celtics.

She obviously is talented in the areas that matter for being a TV personality. I’ve never heard her talk or anything and I have no idea if she can interview people or if she is interesting. That’s not really the talent that is necessary to break in to TV reporting. As you can see from her pictures, she is more than talented in the right areas for the job. That is why Amanda Pflugrad is the daily hottie for today.

Amanda Pflugrad

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She is definitely a hottie. I said I had never heard her talk so I went looking for a video of her. Her agent has her demo reel out there on YouTube. I’m going to warn you, if you don’t like the way 20-something women talk, you will not want to watch this video.  She’s essentially a blonde Kim Kardashian.