Daily Hottie – Abigail Spencer

Today’s Daily Hottie is a good one in Abigail Spencer.  According to Wikipedia she’s best known for her appearance in Cowboys & Aliens, but seriously, did anyone other than family members see that movie?  I know her from Suits and she currently stars in a Sundance drama series called Rectify.

Abigail is originally from Gulf Breeze, Florida.  I didn’t know where that was so I followed the Wiki link and it’s near Pensacola.  It’s a small town of about 6,500 and yet it boasts 2 pro wrestlers and 2 pro football players as residents.  Still what caught my eye was “The UFO Incident” link on Wikipedia.  Man that town is fun.  I want to party with that town.

It doesn’t say much about Abigail’s mother, but her dad was a pro surfer.  Of course he was, cause that’s a thing.  Personally, she’s been married once to a guy named Andrew Pruett.

As I need more words for this article I looked up info on the Andrew.  Professionally, he once owned a Sonic but that’s all it said.  Oh, and he’s currently dating Kristen Freaking Chenoweth.  Take a look at the guy.  He looks like he’s from the Pan Handle of Florida.  You know what, I’m not going to man-shame here.  Good for you dude.

On to the links and clips…

1.  Ranker – top pics

2.  Google – um, she was hacked and there are naughty pics out there.  I’m not linking them, but if you did a search it would look like this.

3.  Nudography – has she done nudity on screen?


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