Da Ali G Show is Coming Back on FXX

da ali g show returns on fxx

da ali g show is coming back on fxxI just don’t get this move at all. I am a huge fan of FX and FXX. They put out a lot of great shows that are often ground breaking and original so I’m confused as to why FXX wants to return to 2003. Da Ali G Show is coming back on FXX and will be premiering on February 26.

I know I’m probably in the minority when I say that I have never found any of Sasha Baron Cohen’s characters to be funny. Borat was certainly all the rage, many years ago, and people loved quoting him. But to me, it’s not funny.

Even if I say that there were huge numbers of people who loved this show and Cohen’s characters, why would FXX bring this back now? Part of what made Da Ali G Show successful was that interviewees were unaware of what was going on and that the joke was on them. The Borat movies spread the characters around so much in pop culture, that even if you weren’t a fan, you would know who these guys are.

I guess FXX is thinking that it’s been so long since this show was on the air that maybe his fans have all died off from emulating stunts they saw on Jack Ass. I don’t know but for a network that normally makes smart TV decisions, this one I think is a mistake.

In case you have forgotten about the Ali G character, here is the promo that FXX is running. Keep in mind, this promo is designed to actually make you want to watch this show.

Da Ali G Show is coming back on FXX promo:


So what do you think? Does this make you want to watch the show? I don’t know why, but that 15-second promo is so bad that it actually makes me angry. FXX must think everyone is a moron to think that this show should be brought back. Are there still people who are going to fall for this schtick? I can’t imagine any politicians of any note would fall for this. Anyone who does fall for this is probably some back woods hick that doesn’t own a TV or has lived under a rock for the last decade. Those are exactly the kind of people that Cohen most likes to take advantage of. They can’t be cool and be up to date on pop culture and not be able to be duped by Borat or Ali G.

If you don’t have many brain cells to rub together, Da Ali G Show will premiere on the FXX Network on February 26 at 9:30.