Cutthroat Kitchen

cutthroat kitchenI am a big fan of cooking shows.  I will watch pretty much anything that has to do with cooking despite the fact that I can’t cook and I wouldn’t be able to make anything I see on TV.  Still, I like to watch.  So tonight, there was a new cooking show that premiered on The Food Network, Cutthroat Kitchen with Alton Brown.  Fun trivia fact.  For Alton Brown, Cutthroat Kitchen marks the 745th show that he is currently hosting or a part of.

Before I get in to my thoughts on the premiere episode, here is the trailer for those who have not heard of this show yet:


Ok so you watched the trailer and you get the basic idea.  Cutthroat Kitchen is basically Chopped with the addition of the cutthroat aspect of the show where contestants can screw each other with different twists.  There are cooking rounds and at the end of each round, the worst performer will get sent home.

Each contestant starts the show with $25,000 in cash.  They can use this cash to buy methods of sabotage that Alton presents at the start of each round or they can do nothing and keep more of the money.  If you get eliminated though, the money goes back to Alton.  The winner gets to keep whatever money of their original $25,000 they didn’t spend so there is incentive to not buy all the sabotage items possible.  You might win but if you have no money left, then what’s the point?

Ok so after watching the first episode of Cutthroat Kitchen my feeling is, meh.  I wasn’t really impressed and I wasn’t really disappointed.  I’m not a huge fan of cooking shows that put people in situations that they would never really face in a kitchen.  I prefer to see what these brilliant chefs do with their talents and would like to see chefs battle it out over their actual cooking skills.  I don’t much care who can cook the best with a plastic picnic knife rather than their chefs knife or who can do the best job cooking with out being able to use anything with fire.

The chefs on Cutthroat Kitchen are talented and it would be interesting just to see them cook against each other.  I don’t need the drama kicked up a notch (see what I did there?) with unrealistic situations being added in to the show.  Cooking on a tight time schedule is already difficult enough.

It’s only the first episode so I won’t be dropping this show from my DVR just yet.  I will give it a few episodes to see if they develop this show or if it will just be more of the same.  I will for sure give it some time because I’m a fan of Alton’s other 744 shows.  If anyone can save a show, he can.

If you are interested, Cutthroat Kitchen airs on The Food Network on Sundays at 9:00.