Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story

crazy sexy coolYes I watched Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC story on VH1 tonight. I don’t think that invalidates my man card in any way. Let’s not pretend that TLC sold millions of albums in the 90s only having me as a fan. I was a fan of TLC so I was curious to see this movie and see how they handled all the drama that surrounded this group through their existence.

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story is not going to win awards for great writing or film making. It is clear that the two surviving members, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozanda “Chili” Thomas were heavily involved in this project (both were executive producers) and they had a story they wanted told. If you are looking for a Behind the Music type of a story about this group, you are not going to find it here. This was pure propaganda.

The movie was only given 2 1/2 hours to run which you might be thinking is a long time for a movie but it wasn’t nearly enough time for this subject matter. There was no way to tell the story of each of the three women in the group and do it without jumping all over the place and not really giving any real explanations for what was happening in their lives.  We didn’t learn anything new about these women that we didn’t already know.

I had a problem towards the end of the movie when the group was on their FanMail tour and how they portrayed the issues that Lisa was having with the group. Given that T-Boz and Chili were executive producers and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes died in a car crash in 2002, the two surviving members were able to throw Lisa under the bus confidently knowing that Lisa wasn’t around to defend herself. T-Boz and Chili were portrayed as only wanting what was best for the group while Lisa was shown to be very selfish and only interested in herself. Maybe that was true. I don’t know but given that Lisa can’t refute any of the information given in this movie, I am suspect of it.

There were a couple of very shallow attempts to show that while they were critical of Lisa, they still loved her. One was a voice-over from T-Boz who said she supported Lisa’s decision to have the group walk away from a $25 million offer (which she clearly didn’t support) and a scene that supposedly happened back stage of the 2000 VMA’s.  Lisa had just blown up at the other two girls after winning an award and a back up dancer had witnessed the incident and commented about how crazy Lisa was and how her solo effort was bombing. At this point T-Boz and Chili told the woman to shut up and that Lisa was family and she couldn’t talk about her that way. I didn’t believe that at all. That is just T-Boz and Chili trying to cover for their treatment of their friend in this movie.

The movie ends with the death of Lopes and how the fans and remaining group members and then flashes forward 10 years to T-Boz and Chili getting back together in the studio. The end of the movie is actual footage of T-Boz and Chili in the studio, not the actors portraying them with a montage of pictures of the group over the years.  I liked how they ended this. Positive memories of a group that had millions of fans.

If you are/were a fan of TLC, Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story is worth a watch. It’s 2 1/2 hours long though so it’s probably not going to be for everyone. That’s a bit longer than most will want to put in to this but if you have the time and want to take a walk down memory lane with some good 90s music, then give this movie a watch.

Did any of you watch Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story? If you did, what did you think of it? Be sure to let us know.