Covert Affairs – You’re Dead To Me (At Least For Now)

I started watching Covert Affairs last night and they decided to use the flashback start.  You know where they start the show, get you hooked in, and then go back to some other point in time until they catch up to where you were 30 minutes ago.  So freaking annoying, in fact I quit watching right when they did it.

You’ve had months to get your first episode ready and you already have to use tricks?  I’m so bothered by this tactic that I’m done with Covert Affairs.  I mean I’ll still tape it and watch it at some point, but not for awhile.  Certainly not soon enough for it to count in their ratings.

Let’s gloss over the fact that the show is about a woman who is 115 pounds that is a bad ass CIA agent with very little experience, capable of beating up men twice her size.  I’ve already made my peace with that and was watching the show, but this was too much.

So if the producers want to reach out to me personally and issue an apology for this egregious mistake, I will consider again watching the show.  But you will have to promise to never again use the flashback start.

I hope my brother, and best I can tell, former writer here at MWTVG takes notice of this tactic and puts it on his punishable by death list of offenses for when he takes over the world.  Although, I think asking him to put stuff on the list is also already on the list, so I’m screwed either way here.