Cougar Dooms the World

Let’s imagine back in the day (this is the exact scientific term for the time frame I’m speaking of) that the Mayan calendar committee was sitting around discussing their calendars and the end of the world and such things that I know the Mayans were fond of doing.  How do you think the conversation went when they decided that December 21, 2012 was going to be the end?

Well, I wasn’t there, but I believe that this commercial was more than likely involved in that conversation:

If you didn’t watch that commercial (and you probably didn’t), it is a commercial for  This is a dating website for cougars who want to hook up with whatever it is that a cougar hooks up with.

I believe that this signals the end of the world because the Mayans were no doubt smart enough to recognize that there would be an idiotic fad called a cougar and that it would run it’s course by December 21, 2012 and the only solution for the world to be cured of this evil plague is to destroy everything.

We allowed the fad to not only happen, but to be popular enough as to need a specific website for such a thing.  Before the world ends, I have one question.  WTF does a cougar need this website for?  Are you telling me that they are having a hard time finding men?  I don’t believe that for a second.  I’ll believe Tom Cruise is straight before I believe that women are having a difficult time finding young men to hook up with.  If this is true, then the world must be heading for a calamity and we have nothing to fear anyway.  If it’s not true, well, then we deserve what the Mayans have in store of us.

p.s. aren’t cougars supposed to be older women?  Since when did 25 years old become a cougar?  Look at all the women in the commercial and tell me how old you think they are.