Copper Season 2 Premiere

copperTonight on BBC America, we had the Copper season 2 premiere.  Copper is one of the more intriguing police dramas I’ve seen in the last few years.  A somewhat new idea for a cop show, it’s set in New York in the 1860s at what is the very beginning of the homicide unit of the NYPD.

Season 1 introduced us to the characters, lead by Tom Weston-Jones who plays the lead character Kevin “Corky” Corcoran.  Corcoran is an Irish immigrant (one area I have a complaint with as the writers of this show seem to think that the only cops in NY at this time were Irish) who has recently returned from his service in the Union army during the Civil War to become one of New York’s first homicide detectives.

We see in the first season that things in New York in the 1860s are not all that pleasant.  The people are all criminals and the cops that are supposed to keep order, they are even worse.  Except for Corcoran and some of his friends.  They are the new breed that seeks to restore order and the rule of law to a mostly lawless city.  This does not sit well with many of the rich in NY who work to make things very difficult for our friend Det. Corcoran.  I was a fan of the show’s first season and I was eagerly looking forward to the Copper season 2 premiere.

The season 2 premiere picks up where season 1 left off with one outstanding addition to the cast.  Fresh off his incredible run on Sons of Anarchy, Donal Logue joins the cast for the season as the new boss of the 6th ward, General Brendan Donovan.  Gen. Donovan seeks to reshape and improve the police force in the 6th ward.  At first blush, it seems that he genuinely wants the police to be better at their jobs.  As the premiere continues on, we start to feel that he only wants the coppers to be better so they can be a more useful force at his disposal.

The Copper season 2 premiere caught me back up to the show and has me ready for the coming season.  If you haven’t watched this show, the first original BBC America series, it’s worth your time.  It’s a summer show and it’s on Sunday nights.  Don’t sit there and tell me that your TV schedule is full on Sunday’s in the summer.  You can go back and catch up on season 1 with most carriers on demand service

Here is the trailer for Copper season 2:


Copper is on BBC America Sunday’s at 9:00.