Copper Renewed by BBC America

BBC America has announced the renewal of their first original scripted series, COPPER, for a 2nd season.  I am a fan of this show and if you aren’t watching, you might want to check it out.

The show is Executive Produced by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson (RAIN MAN) and Emmy winner Tom Fontana (OZ) which gave the show the gravitas (remember that word?) needed to get off the ground and to be given a chance on American TV.

Set in 1864 New York, the show follows NYPD Det. Kevin Corcoran who is one of the first homicide detectives on the NYPD.  The story lines are interesting and follow a somewhat typical crime drama formula except we don’t have all the CSI gadgetry of the modern era to help solve crimes.

It’s definitely a different twist on the standard crime drama and it’s worth checking out.  Finally the British are giving us something other than amazingly sucky reality shows.