Copper Cancelled by BBC America

copperIn news that was a surprise to me, Copper has been cancelled by BBC America.  What was to be the season 2 finale on Sunday will now be the series finale.

I had high hopes for this show after it set a ratings record for BBC America but the fans just didn’t stay with the show as the seasons progressed.  Season 2 saw the addition of Donal Logue and Alfre Woodard to the cast but even their addition didn’t do much to add viewers.

I was a fan of this show.  I thought it was an interesting idea to have a cop show set at the very beginning of the homicide detective unit of the NYPD.  The stories were interesting and fresh and the acting was very good.  I think America has made a mistake letting this show go but what do I know?  America loves crap like CSI so really, Copper never stood a chance.