Congratulations Arrow…

…on being the single most generic super hero show I have ever watched in my life.  The ‘actors’ (utilizing term loosely) have been making their rounds on the CW for years.  The script is barely mediocre.  The costumes are lame.  The action is lame.  The story is nonexistent   Even the music is sub par.  They live in the most generic possible city, own the most generic possible corporation and fight the most generic possible enemy (“The Triad”… ooooh…).

By the way… if somebody was trying to play vigilante and protect their identity, simply putting a hood over their head would not do so.  Not only would it cover the top half of their face so they couldn’t see, but the second they lift the hood to look around… everybody will know who it is.  Lame.

In summary, I am not liking this show.  But a lot of people are.  IMDB is currently running it as an 8.6 which means one of two things: people are really that shallow or it was hijacked by the fanboys.

Sad to say, but ARROW is looking to be just another CW network ‘douche opera’ after all.

It looks awesome, right?  Wrong.

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  1. I feel that this show has more potential than it’s utilizing. I think switching from the robin hood cap to a hood was a good choice. Imagine him wearing that and running around trying to fight crime….oh I’m so scared. Second, I think that if they weren’t trying to shove a rehash of batman begins into a television show and made something original it would be better.

    • Midwest Mark // October 23, 2012 at 11:09 pm //

      You’re totally right! I had very high hopes for this show, but DC fails yet again in comparison to the golden egg that Marvel/Disney lays with everything they do. I’m shocked that it was picked up for an entire season and I really hope it improves. But it was miscast, poorly written and horribly executed. Can’t come back easily from that…

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