Community to Hulu?

Community to Hulu

Deadline reported yesterday that there are currently talks underway that could possibly bring the cancelled NBC comedy Community to Hulu. The talks between Sony Entertainment and Hulu could possibly result in one more 13-episode season of the show that is now being called a cult favorite.

Series creator Dan Harmon doesn’t seem to be terribly enthused about the possibility but seems to be going along with the talks. He said on his blog yesterday, “I’m not going to be the guy that re-cancels cancelled Community.”  That is quite a ringing endorsement from the show’s creator.  His quote seems to say more that he doesn’t think the talks will amount to much and he surely doesn’t want to be seen as getting in the way or else face the wrath of the hundreds of fans the show has managed to keep despite how awful the last several seasons have been.

Is this really going to happen? I don’t think so. The rumors are just talks as as The AV Club said in their article about it, talks are far different from negotiations. Talks are just that, talks. Negotiations mean that an actual deal is getting worked out. If we don’t hear them moving from talks to negotiations soon, then this isn’t going to happen.

While I wouldn’t be a fan of this happening, I’m sure the handful of Community fans who still like the show would love it to happen and really, this would be about as good a place as any for a revival of the show. Putting Community on a streaming service would mean that only the fans themselves would be the ones subjected to more Abed high jinx and convoluted parodies of things that no one knows the original references for.

This is probably nothing more than just talk that has the fan and his friends all in a tither today hoping that Community will make a triumphant return to the greatness it nearly held way back in it’s first season.

Community to Hulu