Community Season Finale

communityDid any of you watch the Community season finale (judging from the ratings, not many of you did)?  I seriously can’t believe that NBC renewed this show.  Seriously.

So, in the finale (which should have been the series finale), Jeff Winger finally graduates.  Is that enough for the writers of Community though?  Of course not.  In every episode now there has to be some kind of wackiness that has just ruined what was formerly a fantastic show.  In this case, we have a Terminator/Matrix/Freaky Friday/Disney Bad guy movie reference show that just made no sense at all.

To start the episode, Jeff receives a job offer from his former law partner to come back and make big bucks as a lawyer.  Wait you say.  Jeff is just graduating from community college.  Is this possible?  Of course it is dear reader.  Don’t worry though.  That is the least of all the problems with this stupid episode.

So there is an evil Jeff and and evil Annie running around trying to get Jeff to go take the law job so he can return to the dark side.  Jeff has grown fond of his community college friends (and who of us who went to community college can’t relate to that?)  Why does there have to be an evil Jeff and evil Annie?  Who the hell knows.  The entire fricken point of Jeff going to community college was so he could get back to being a lawyer.  It was the central point of the entire show.

Would the brilliant writers of Community be happy if there was just an evil Jeff and evil Annie?  Of course not.  And the wackiness level just wouldn’t be up to what is expected of Community if that were the case.  Fear not.  The writers did their job and provided us an evil everybody.

I don’t want to keep going on about this show.  I think it is lost it’s way and has totally gone away from what made it funny in the first few seasons.  NBC tried to kill this show by moving it all over the schedule, not even putting it on the mid-season schedule, and firing it’s best writers.  To me, NBC did it’s job.  They killed the show.  Or at least they should have.  NBC needs to perform a mercy killing and put this show out of it’s misery.