Community Season 5 Trailer

NBC has had a love/hate relationship with Community over the years. Well to be honest, they mostly have hated Community. NBC has done everything in their power to kill that show and to me, they were successful. They fired off the show’s creator and show runner, Dan Harmon, and then fired off many of his writers which had the effect of ripping the heart out of the show.

Now NBC has come full circle on Community. They brought back Harmon to bring life back to the show and they are advertising and pushing for the show in ways they have never done before. Dare I say that Community might be back? It’s far too early to say of course but I am hopeful. ┬áHere is the Community season 5 trailer released by NBC:


Over the past few seasons, the characters on Community have turned in to full caricatures of what they once were. We get it with Britta. She’s an activist. Troy and Abed? Boy are they wacky, and we’ve had all Troy and Abed all the time. Winger hasn’t uttered anything that was not ironic or cynical, and Chang? Seriously. What is the deal with him?

I am hopeful that Community will return to the heart of what once made the show funny. With Donald Glover leaving, the writers will be forced to get away from the Troy and Abed story lines. Abed is funny, but in small doses. And really, the same is true for everyone on the show. You can’t take any of them for too long or they get really annoying, including Winger.

We’ll see what happens. Community was once one of my favorite shows. NBC treated it like they ran over their dog. The Community season 5 trailer looks like we could be headed back in the right direction. I’m hopeful.

Community premieres January 2 on NBC at 7:00.