Community Season 5 Finale

community season 5 finale

community season 5 finaleCommunity has had it’s ups and downs during it’s 5 season run. NBC fired the show’s creator and original show runner, Dan Harmon, only to later bring him back, they fired a majority of the original writers, only to bring back some of the key players, and they moved Community all over the schedule to the point where it was nearly impossible to know what night the show was airing. NBC did their best to kill this show.

When Community came back for season 5, there was much hope. Harmon and some of the writers were back and it seemed like NBC was going to give it a chance to survive. What happened to Community this season cannot be blamed on NBC. This season is the fault of those writers and of Harmon himself. I know there are some out there who thought this season was a success, but they are in the very tiny minority and if you look at the ratings, you can see that viewers agree with me.

The show was just a mess this season. Every episode had to be a parody of something and every character was just a caricature of themselves to the point where they were not the group of relatable misfits that you could identify with in the early seasons.

The Community season 5 finale was just more of the same. If you haven’t been watching, and I don’t think you have been, Subway is for some reason about to buy Greendale Community College to turn it in to a sandwich university. Yes. That is really what is happening.

The crew of Grendale of course isn’t going to stand for this so how do we fix it? By a mishmash of 80s movie parodies of course. The founder of Greendale College (played by Chris Elliot), has been living in an underground “cave” under the campus for 30 years and he is of course rich and he could save the school.

I’ll save you the pain of having to watch the episode, here’s the ending:

Community Season 5 finale


It’s kind of a Goonies meets Revenge of the Nerds meets a very special episode of Blossom all in one and it’s not watchable. The ratings for Community put the show in the range of possibly being canceled, but no decision has been made yet. My suggestion to NBC? Kill it. Let us remember the show for what it once was. Don’t murder our memories with more awful parody episodes.

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  1. Anonymous // April 21, 2014 at 11:31 am //

    I was hopeful for this season and it started out strong but quickly deteriorated. This show should be canceled.

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