Columbia Omni Heat Technology

With not much new to watch on TV last week, I guess it’s again time to discuss commercials.  Midwest Mike just discussed issues he had with a Discover Card commercial because the plot of the commercial really didn’t make sense.

Columbia’s Omni Heat Technology commercial also makes no sense.

As the commercial begins, we see a bikini clad model making snow angles. We have no idea why any sane person would be doing this, but she’s cute and in a bikini so we feel compelled to hear her story.  She’s talking about how she’s cold but that it doesn’t matter because some coat somebody is holding for her off screen is so technologically advanced she’s not worried about it.

See, you’re starting to lose me here.  I was willing to look past the crazy half naked person making snow angels to see if there was some close to rational reason for her behavior.  Maybe she lost a bet or maybe she’s drunk, both of which would have been valid reasons in my book.  Nope, she has a warm coat somewhere.

How’d the conversation go that led up to that moment.

Her:  Yeah, my coat is really warm.
Other Person:  I don’t believe you but if you make snow angels in a bikini I might.
Her: OK!

I dug a little deeper and found that Columbia has been subjecting young hot models to this type of torture for some time now.  I stumbled upon another video of a bikini clad model skiing behind a snowmobile and being lead straight into a target made of snow.  The snow target had a big red X on it so I’m guessing they meant to hurl her into that target.

What gives Columbia?  You get your jollies making hot young models in bikinis cold?  Maybe it’s that your jacket is too warm and that if you wear it in anything other than a bikini you’ll melt, it’s that powerful.

These are all good questions that I think maybe the execs over at Columbia should have to answer.  Maybe put them in a bikini in the Artic until we get some answers.  Until then, please try to keep the hot young bikini clad models out of harms way, or at least keep filming it for our displeasure.