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mentos0For a brief stint in the 90’s, we were treated to a series of commercials that proved to us that no matter how much of a certified idiot you are, popping 1 – 2 Mentos will immediately cure all of your ills.  If you have ever seen the movie LIMITLESS with BRADLEY COOPER, I would imagine his little genius pills to be an ultra-concentrated form of Mentos candy.

So I wonder what stunts you can’t pull with Mentos?  Home invasion?  Bank robbery?  Ending world hunger?  Come to think of it, maybe the answer to this whole ‘fiscal cliff’ mess is hidden in $58 worth of Mentos so all of our ‘lawmakers’ can wolf down a few.  Call it Washington’s Mento Summit.  Can we somehow feed the economy a couple of Mentos?  With hard-hitting solutions like these, I should be a politician for sure.

Follow the link to relive some of the best Mentos moments!

The first one is perhaps the most classic where some schmuck sits on wet paint in his suit before the “big interview”.  Thanks to popping a Mentos, he made his $79 suit look like a $89 suit.  Regardless of the mystical Mentos power, I doubt if a whole case could get this guy employed.  Maybe he should pick up a brush and repaint the bench, that could be his new life’s calling.


Did you know: just two Mentos is capable of making a skirt a miniskirt?  Forget the classic roofie-colada, fellas.  Next time, just mix four Mentos in to her drink and see what transpires.

Critically important note:  The Mentos chick here is MEREDITH MONROE from a whole bunch of different things (DAWSON’S CREEK, CRIMINAL MINDS and lots of commercials/voice acting) but most importantly, she was raised right here in Hinsdale, Illinois!  So let’s add Meredith to our never-ending roll call of midwest actors.


Great job, dude.  You totally fooled that totally lame old lady to score some street cred with your bros.  Maybe Gertrude could have used a couple of Mentos to walk up and crack him right in the junk.  On second thought, the whole miniskirt effect would not be so becoming on her.


Bored on a random Wednesday and craving a full body cavity search by TSA personnel?  Try this:

Fun fact: the actress is KATIE WRIGHT from MELROSE PLACE and horror cult-classic IDLE HANDS


Hey, you pompous dick–how about simply walking around the back of the car??  Kids these days… the power of Mentos can even exempt you from grand theft auto charges!  But it clearly can’t fix your terrible hair… nothing can take the place of a good barber.  Maybe pulling a stunt like this was ok in the mid-90’s, but nowadays it’s a good way to get shot in the face.  Not like the driver could do that anyway… he was too busy on his newfangled ‘mobile telephone’.

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  1. Millerkiller // December 30, 2012 at 12:50 am //

    “Forget the classic roofie-colada, fellas. Next time, just mix four Mentos in to her drink and see what transpires.”

    I’ll have to remember that the next time the wife is being difficult.

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