Claire Forlani Makes Me Thirsty

As a MWTVG, I’m here to tell you that commercials are as much a part of TV as the shows are.  I love talking about commercials and their history both good and bad.  They really are fascinating.

Dewar’s has just begun a new ad campaign that all of a sudden makes me want to drink some Scottish Whiskey.  They haven’t run any commercials since 2007 and they have been getting their butts kicked by other whiskey maker’s Jameson and Johnny Walker.  Their new ad campaign aims to bring younger drinkers in to the fold and they do so with smoking hot Claire Forlani.  She’s British (and she’s 40!) but she is sporting a crazy hot Scottish accent in these commercials and I don’t know who Angus is, but whatever he has done, he has messed up.