Christmas Gift Ideas

Courtesy Of Efriends

We are less than a week away from the big day and I feel I have dropped the ball on helping you shop for Christmas gifts.

I have already brought you a gummy worm, a farting Santa, and underwear for your hands.

Today though, I want to get back to a simpler time.  You know in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we don’t often stop to enjoy it.

In that spirit, I give you a flashback to a product that most of our readers over 35 will remember well.  The pocket fisherman.  Remember back to a time when you wanted to go fishing but just didn’t have a pole?  This product stepped in and solved that, what was back than, a real big problem.

It’s somewhat funny/sad when you watch the commercial and they give a list of stores that it would be available at for a limited time only – Woolworth, Woolco, Times Square Stores, Korvettes, Genovese Drug Stores, & Modell’s Shoppers World.

It’s ironic that they didn’t know how true their limited time only statement was.  Only one of those stores is still in business today (Modells).  So apparently, the pocket fisherman was the proverbial kiss of death for retail stores.  I don’t blame the stores.  We got to busy to stop and go fishing.