Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013


c2e2Good news everyone.  We have just been approved for our first official press pass and will be covering the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013.  We are honored to have been approved by the people at C2E2 and are very excited for the chance to bring our readers original content that they won’t be able to find in any other place.

Head to the C2E2 website and check out the list of attendees at this year’s expo.  It is quite an impressive list as it’s a pretty big event here in Chicago.  I’d like to know from you our readers, what would you like us to cover?  Anyone you would like us to talk to at the event?  Any questions you want asked?  While we pretend to know what you the reader like, truth be told, we really have no idea (other than hot women, any time we do anything with hot women on this site, it never misses).  This is an honor that has only been made possible by the support of our fans so be sure to let us know what you would like us to do while we are covering the expo.

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013 runs from April 26-28 at the West Building of McCormick Place.  You can go here to buy tickets.

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  1. God help us all. Does this mean that you will be referring to yourself as a professional writer even more now?

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