Check Out Guillermo Del Toro-Inspired “Shhh”

shhh-horror-short-film-595x347GUILLERMO DEL TORO is *the man* when it comes to fantasy/horror cinema.  I adore literally everything he has done from his earliest foreign language films to his latest robot-monster-punchfest PACIFIC RIM.  Even his lower-rated offerings like DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK are great because of their atmosphere, storyline and the high-fantasy approach he takes with each project.

If I could critique one thing about him, he takes on way too much so that some of his highly anticipated projects fall through the cracks.  His adaptation of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS starring TOM CRUISE??  I would appeal to all millionaires right now to fund that movie or you are spending your money entirely wrong.  And his upcoming CRIMSON PEAK with Jax, Loki and ZERO DARK THIRTY CHICK sounds extremely intriguing.

Anyway, we now get to enjoy a short film making rounds at film festivals called SHHH which is allegedly based on GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S childhood dreams.  It was directed by two visual-effects guys named FREDDY CHAVEZ OLMOS and SHERVIN SHOGHIAN whom you probably never heard of, but you have seen a lot of their work in movies like WATCHMEN (my personal favorite), ELYSIUM, and TRON: LEGACY.   Watch it, it’s eight minutes of your life well spent.  Pay special attention to the end credits for a bunch of cool easter eggs paying homage to all the films that he has made over the years.