CBS Monday Night Lineup – Not Good

The Fall TV season finally kicked off last night. Midwest Mike just reviewed Hostages so I thought I discuss the 3 sitcoms leading up to that.

Let me just say, it may be the worst lineup of sitcoms ever assembled.  It’s looks like it may get even worse next week when Men premiers next week.

So let’s get to it, first up is How I Met Your Mother

If you’re like me, you are only watching this show because you have so much time invested in it, it would kill you not to see it through.  Season 9 is the final season and there are 20 episodes scheduled.  They aired back to back episodes last night and it was painful.

In 2 episodes, they barely moved the story along and frankly Ted is no closer to meeting his wife.  At least we know who she is at this point, but if last night was any indication, they may go this entire season before meeting.  In which case, I will have to hunt down producer Carter Bays and hurt him while he’s sleeping (you’ve been warned).

Next up Mom

With stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris you’d think maybe this show would have a chance.  Nope.

At first, I thought maybe I was being unfair and that as a guy this show really wasn’t targeted at me.  Women have a different sense of humor (or some say not at all) and as a guy I just can’t understand this show.  Nope.

Leanne Aguilera at E Online said, “The show fails to put the fun in dysfunctional.”
It really does.  Again, to be fair it’s not the worst show out there.  It’s just not funny and I don’t really care for any of the characters.

Lastly, 2 Broke GirlsThe things I do for you guys as a blogger sometimes makes me feel dirty.  The fact that I watched this show last night is one of those times.  You’ve had an entire Summer to think of story lines and somehow, these two are still making cupcakes.  They’ve taken over an unused part of the restaurant and plan to sell cupcakes at 2am to drunk bar hoppers.  On their opening day, some “famous” rocker dies right in front of their store. The band’s groupies make a shrine right outside their store and now business is booming.  Of course the restaurant owner is upset that they are getting all this business instead of them coming to the restaurant.  This starts a feud with the girls and him fighting over who can capitalize on the groupies more.

It’s mind numbing.  FYI, the next episode will be the show’s 50th.

So there you have it.  It’s a bad scene on Monday night from 7-9pm on CBS.