CBS Is Last


I had a problem with my DVR overheating and missed the first episode of PERSON OF INTEREST this year.  I have the second one on DVR, but I really wanted to watch the first one.

I went on the CBS website and saw this in the comments (I assume I can quote him/her because they used their name online):

Micki Roessner Woodford, from Indiana University – what is sad is now I have missed the 1st episode, and didn’t follow the 2nd episode. So now I am done with the show for the season. Can’t catch up online. How can this be good for the show or the station? I know I am not alone.

No Micki, you are not alone.  TV has gotten ridiculously complicated.  Sometimes it’s “On Demand” and sometimes you can get it from the show’s website, other times not.  Is Dish Network, DirectTV, AT&T U-verse, or Cable the best option?  Why do I have a Netflix and Hulu subscription and still can’t always find what I want?  Why don’t any of the people who show up at my house to install my system speak English as a first language?

I sometimes wonder if we are getting to the point where there will not be any content providers in the future.  Instead, we will go online and buy the shows directly.  The problem is all the providers jack up the cost of their service so they can also give us channels like A&E which has such great shows as DUCK DYNASTY.  Seriously, if you didn’t already have that channel would you go ahead and plop down $2 to watch that? That’s champion lawn mower racer money right there (if you don’t get it, read yesterday’s post on DUCK DYNASTY).