Catfish TV Show – Epidode 9 Rod & Ebony

Alright, we’re late to the the Catfish TV Show party. SNL just had a parody of the show, and never having watched it, I didn’t know what to make of the skit.

Catfish the Movie was about a guy named Nev who met a girl online and for whatever reason could never meet her.  So he films his quest to track her down.  The show takes this basic premise and tries to help people track down and meet people they have been “dating” online.

As of today January 28, 2013, 9 episodes have aired and the 10th is set to air tonight on MTV.  I just watched the 9th episode titled Rob & Ebony.  So let’s discuss.  Rob met Ebony online about 4 years ago but has never met her in person.

Ebony is a transgendered female – in case I’m saying that wrong, she’s a man in the process of becoming a woman.  She was upfront with Rod about this fact.  Rod, on the other hand, sent pictures of his cousin and used a different name when he introduced himself to Ebony.

As the show made it to the air, of course they are going to meet.  This isn’t Al Capone’s Vault (you just have to look it up).  So they meet.  Rod lays it out that he lied about his picture and his name.  This helps Ebony, because she has a wonderful secret for Rod.  She is not and has never been transgendered.  She’s all woman and she’s fabulous.

You would think this would come as good news to Rod.  Nope.  I guess if I were going to come out, I would pretend to date a transgendered woman online and never meet and call Nev and have him film the whole thing so that my friends and family could finally know.  Or I’d just tell them.  Tough to say, having never had to wrestle with that dilemma.

The biggest issues I currently have to face include was that you who made that smell or why can’t I ever get my clothes into the hamper.  Both of which are about as exciting as this show.

The show is inexplicably an hour long, which is about 40 minutes longer than it probably needs to be.  I don’t look forward to episode 10, but will watch it nonetheless.

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  1. Julie Cooper // January 29, 2013 at 2:23 pm //

    I’m confused. Is this like the Manti Te’o story? Ugh. I never heard the term “catfishing” until this month. I still can’t figure out how someone can fall head over heals for someone he/she’s never actually met face to face. I’m just going to crawl back in my hole and watch more Joe Schmo.

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