Catfish TV Show – Rico and Ja’mari

Rico & Ja'mariCatfish TV Show has now aired 10 episodes.  Being late to the party, we started our review of the show at episode 9.

Episode 10 looks to be promising.  Rico met Ja’mari online while he was in the military.  What I am about to say will sound racist, but as a 43 year old white male living in the Midwest, I’m asking you to trust me it’s not (maybe a little, but I’m a 43 year old white male in the Midwest). Is the name Ja’mari a guy or girls name?  I guess I’m going to have to wait for this mystery to solve itself.

The show starts by getting some background from the person who wants to actually meet their internet boyfriend/girlfriend, in this case Rico.  Armed with 8 minutes of intel it’s time to call and try to setup a meeting.  So they make the call and at least we now know that Ja’mari is a guys name.  I don’t know if I want to live in a world where an attractive ex-military guy can’t find love at the club and has to resort to the internet.

Ja’mari claims to be a successful model living in Miami.  Nev conducts a basic internet search consisting of typing Ja’mari’s name into Google.  There wasn’t much on Ja’mari on the internet, which would make one think he is not a successful model.  It’s at this point I have a problem with the show.  I’m 15 minutes in starring down another 45 minutes.  Let’s get this moving.  We get it, Ja’mari is not who he claims to be and Rico is upset by this fact.

So now Nev, the host, takes it upon himself to call Ja’mari on his own without Rico present.  So the conversation goes something like, “Why haven’t you guys met?”  Ja’mari responds, “You know, I’ve been busy and stuff.”  Seriously, it’s about the level of conversation you might expect from somebody who meets their significant other on the internet and dates them for 3 years without meeting.

Even with all that Ja’mari has going on in his life, he agrees to a meeting.  This should go well.  One thing I find funny about the show is the low budget it must have.  They aren’t flying to Miami, nope its a drive in like a Ford Taurus.

For fans of watching men kissing, the initial meeting is for you.  Remember, I’m a 43 year old straight white male from the Midwest, so you know I’m all over that.  I guess it was tasteful?

Spoiler alert – Ja’mari is not a famous model, he lied.  He’s taken his own pictures though and they nice pictures.  He still wants to make a go of it with Rico and Rico has some serious thinking to do.  What better way to decide what you want to do then sit down with the nice people from Catfish and discuss it.  That Nev, what a big heart.

I feel the need to bring up what was probably incidental and something only a 7th grader would find funny.  One of the meetings was at a place called South Pointe Park, which is at the Southern tip of Miami.  I would think 2 gay guys meeting in a park would be into more then just the Southern tip no? Yeah baby, yeah.

I’m not going to ruin the ending.  I’m going to leave you hanging.  If you want to know if these 2 crazy kids who met on the internet and dated forever without meeting and one of the people completely lied about who they are, go check it out on MTV.

Which brings me to one other point.  While I appreciate MTV for having the show for free on their website, the amount of commercials are oppressive.  They keep playing this one for a movie called Dead Man Down and I have no idea what it is about.  The trailer making people really need to go back to the drawing board on that one.