Catfish – Cassie & Steve

I’ve been remiss in discussing  pretty much anything other than which celebrity didn’t wear enough clothing lately, but I know a lot of you out there are fans of MTV’s Catfish.

After a 4 month break, the show is back for a whopping 16 episode season 2.  So are you telling me there are 16 more people out there dating complete strangers even after this whole phenomena has been beat to a pulp on TV and the internet.  A recent Huffington Post article seems to question how much of this show is real or fake.  I hate it when facts get in the way.

In the face of all these detractors, let’s get to it. After the murder of her father, Cassie spiraled out of control by abusing alcohol and drugs.  Then she received a Facebook message from Steve and they started datig. Somehow their relationship got her out of her downward spiral, leading to, wait for it…. them becoming engaged.

Mind you they have never met face to face at this point.  Oh they text, email, and talk on the phone.  They even engage in phone sex.  Sounds solid to me, what could go wrong?

So here is Cassie.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s normal enough looking, and not someone you would think would have to resort to trolling the internet for men.



And here is Steve, the guy Cassie is allegedly dating.  He’s supposedly some up and coming rapper that is always too busy to meet.



So does anyone think Steve is real?

Nope, he’s made up.  Turns out Cassie’s best friend was worried about her and created this guy to take her mind off of all her troubles.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t see that coming.

So there you have it, episode 1 is in the books.  Thankfully, there are awesome shows like Franklin and Bash, Burn Notice, and Suits to watch this Summer, so I think I’m checking out of Catfish.

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  1. Midwest Mark // July 10, 2013 at 9:39 pm //

    I’m so jealous… your crappy MTV show gets renewed and my crappy MTV show gets cancelled after one of the idiots kills himself while muddin’ in his pickup truck. I call shenanigans on the whole thing.

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